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With PhotoChef you can make creative compositions in no time. It features a complete set of tools: add how many images you want, mix, blend, compose, transform with no limits to your creativity. And with chroma key and brush you can compose by color or by shape. From fun photography to sophisticated photomontages you will have everything you need handy. Features: -Supports all the most common image formats, JPG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, PDF, ICNS, GIF, PSD... and all the RAW formats supported by macOS. -Import and compose how many images you want: just drag and drop. -Rearrange and duplicate images. -You can duplicate every image with current settings. -Control position, size, rotation and perspective transform. -You can add shadow, drop shadow and border. -More than 20 blend modes to compose images: Color Burn, Color Dodge, Soft Light, Hard Light, Overlay... -Tools include: Gradient (Circular and Linear), Selection, Brush, Clip and Warping. -Using circular gradient you can create blur effects and with linear gradient you can add light effects. -Advanced Chroma Key (Green Screen): you can add an image with green background and remove it. You can adjust smoothing, alpha value and accuracy. -You can select a part of the image and retouch the selection with the warping tool to precisely adapt the contour. -47 filters ready to use: Process, Tonal, Silver Light, Analog, Soft Shadows... -Filters include Saturation, Exposure, Gamma, Vibrance, HSL, RGB Adjust, Fade, Grain... that you can apply separately to all images. -You can export your creations or save your work (photos, settings, filters, paths) and reopen it when you want, and continue working on it. Please report bugs or send requests to: .