Photon – Particle Creator

OS X 10.10
Would you like to have an easy to use animated live visual effects powerhouse app that can create particles effects like smoke, fire, sparkles, rain, fireballs and others for own Objective-C or Swift iOS, tvOS or MacOS applications? Would you like to be able to generate CAEmitterLayer and CAEmitterCell code for your apps on the fly without typing a single line of code saving you time and money? YES YOU CAN and we will show you how. WHO IS BEHIND THIS APP Magno Urbano - (Senior Visual Effects Artist & Programmer) – With more than 20 years of experience in his field, is a long time digital artist who has received several awards. He has worked for almost a decade as a visual effects artist in the post production departments of two of the largest television broadcast companies in two continents and since 2005 as an official beta-tester for Adobe, testing Photoshop. Magno has written 15 books on multimedia themes in Europe and authored nearly a hundred articles and multimedia courses for the most important photography magazines in Europe and the Americas, not to mention a book published by Apress in the US. WHAT YOU GET Photon is a graphical multi-layer, multi-level tool for the creation of CAEmitterLayer and CAEmitterCells. Yes, multi-layer and multi-level. You can create countless layers with particle emitters, in any order, to achieve the desired effect. Photon comes with several pre-created multi-level effects like: color puff, comet, Doppler effect, explosion, fire, fireball, smoking fireball, fireworks, glittering, hyper drive in space, lone star, rings, rocket motor, snow, soccer balls flying (can be configured with any image), space cloud, sun, time tunnel, UFO in flames, water bubbling, waterfall and white smoke (see picture). You have 22 parameters you can adjust on all emitters plus 37 parameters you can adjust on all particles (emitter cells). Because Xcode is not a graphical tool, trying to create visual effects in code, without any preview, will lead you to frustration and infinite repetitive sequences of trial an error, until you achieve the desired effect. This is one of the reasons you will love Photon. Photon will make your life easy. ================ F R E E : If you purchase Photon, you will have FREE ACCESS to a library of images you can use to create your effects, like circles in several colors, brightness seed, bubble, cloud, coin, dollar bill, euro coin, ellipse, earth, baseball, foam, football, soccer ball, gradient ring, happy star, heart contour, solid heart, smoke puff, snow flake, angry and smiling smiley, white and orange solid star, contour star, USA flag, volleyball, blue water drop, transparent water drop and others. ================ DOWNLOAD PHOTON NOW