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Photon Pro is a video noise reduction Plug-In for Final Cut Pro X Photon Pro uses a sophisticated algorithm to remove sensor readout noise and photon shot noise from digital movie recordings. Eliminate the ugly 'film grain' and make your clips look great! KNOWN ISSUES: - An incompatibility issue has been reported with the Mac Mini 2011 and the Radeon 6630 HD graphic card. - Make sure you select 'create optimized media' when importing a clip otherwise the program will be forced to use software-only rendering which is very slow. Inspired by the leading photographic editing applications, Photon Pro allows you to do interactive editing with ease and speed. The plug in enables you to set different level of correction for the luminance and the chrominance channels. Both spatial and temporal denoising are supported, as well as mixed-mode spatial and temporal. Photon Pro has been designed to preserve edge sharpness while removing noise. If you intend to use a sharpening filter in your effects chain, make sure that such filter is applied downstream from (after) the noise reduction filter. Photon Pro will take full advantage of the new Mac Pro (late 2013) dual GPU architecture. A recent and fast OpenCL 1.2 compatible graphic card is highly recommended to achieve the best performance. Limited time intro price. Requires Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.1.3