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Capture the exact moments from any Video as Photos Just 3 Steps... 1. Open any Video. 2. Choose the Moments using a just by dragging Pins. 3. Save as Photos. Watch how to use video here : (Or click Photos Extractor Pro Support) ● Extract multiple Photos from almost any video at one shot. ● Capture that exact moment just by adding a Pin and dragging it in real time. ● Extremely Precise & Blazing Fast. ● Option to extract every frame, second, minute or hour of a Video. ● Option to save the photos as .jpg or .png. ● Exceptional photo quality for .png and considerably small file size for .jpg. ● Option to resize the photos. ● Option to rotate the photos in case the mobile devices captured them in wrong orientation. ● Contact developer directly from the help menu. Note : App wont be able to open encrypted or .VOB video files.