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Utility application to sort photo files into folders sorted by photo's date. 5 steps to sort. 1. Select source photo files Click [+] button and select photo files or folder contains photo files. Or drop photo files or folders onto the list. 2. Select descination folder Click [Select...] button and select the destination folder. Or drop the folder onto the area. 3. Sort setting Setup the sort setting by Year/Month/Day/Hour/Minute. And select the folder hierarchy. Flat: --+-- 201702    +-- 201703 Nested:   -- 2017--+-- 02        +-- 03 These folders are created and store the photo files in it. Optionally, you can adjust photo file's creation/modification date as photo's EXIF date. 4. Confirmation Automaticaly scan the destination folder and check the file name conflicts. If there's same file name, then check the contant to compare. If same file, the source file does nothing. You can choose 3 options to avoid conflict: Rename --- Add sequential number like (1) to the file name. Skip --- Do nothing. Overwrite --- Delete destination file and overwrite source file. 5. Execute Copy --- Source file remains. Move --- Souce file not remain when moved to other folder. Caution Operation is not undoable. The file which don't include EXIF is not modified. You can select folder which include non-photo files. They will be ignored.