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PhotoStage Slideshow Producer Free PhotoStage Slideshow Producer Free creates amazing slideshows from your video and photo clips easily and quickly. Make your dynamic slideshows with the intuitive interface guiding you through the process. Simply drag and drop your files in the order you would like them and start customizing your slide show. Customize your slideshow by easily editing and applying effects, animations and transitions to each of your individual slides or on your entire project all with one application. Make your slideshow even more exciting with music or narrations to your slideshow. When you are finished editing and building your slideshow, export it as a video file to share on social media, or burn directly to a DVD to share with friends and family. Some PhotoStage Slideshow Maker Free features include: * Combine photos and video clips * Crop, rotate and flip photos easily * Apply stunning effects, like cartoon, oil painting or mirror. * Add text captions to individual slides * Choose from a wide range of transitions such as cross-fade, fan, or radial. * Fine tune brightness, color and saturation * Add music tracks to your slideshow * Record or import audio narration * Easily share finished slideshows