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PhotoStyler is the swiss army knife of the photo styling. This simple, fast and accurate native solution combines the powers of Apple's core technologies with the flexibility and efficiency of proprietary application-specific modules. This application can replace a dozen of smaller apps saving your money! Features: - Lomo, Polaroid, Technicolor, Cross-Processing, Sepia and other vintage styles. - Color splash, Glow, Bloom and more modern and popular filters. - Frames, Scratches, Textures, Tattered surfaces, Captions, Sprites to make your photos unique. - Color balance, Levels, Curves and other low-level filter to tune the image precisely as you want. - Advanced masking tools. - Built-in and growable presets library with dozens one-click styles. - Real time GPU-accelerated processing. - ImageIO supports lots of image formats including RAW. PhotoStyler doesn't require any special skills or knowledge, it is useful tool for both amateurs and professionals!