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PhotoToComic help you to turn your photos into comic layouts. With this application, you could add speech balloons, over 3000 symbols including beautiful emoji, change fonts, rotate, customize frame for pictures, halftone, and grayscale filter This is a great way to make your pictures tell a story or to turn your photos album into a graphic novel. ___________ Functions of the application: ✔ TEMPLATES: Templates are included to help you to make comic page faster. ✔ CUSTOMIZE SHAPE TO APPLY IMAGE INTO: There are many shapes for you to select as a photo frame. You could also rotate the shape or change frame color, transparent level. ✔ PRE-DEFINED ICON: There are many predefined nice images shapes for you to add to the comic page, including balloons items ✔ OVER 2000 BEAUTIFUL SYMBOLS: More than that, there are over 3000 beautiful symbols to add the comic. Please press the "☺" button on the left to add and select any symbol you want. ✔ DRAG/DROP IMAGE: The application allows to DRAG/DROP many image files directly from Finder to current editing window. ✔ GROUP / UNGROUP ITEMS (new): Group items for easy control of multi objects. ✔ COPY / PASTE: The application supports copy/paste function for shapes. ✔ CUSTOMIZABLE COLOR / FONT / SIZE / LINE TYPE / TRANSPARENT-ALPHA: Font color, font type, text size, line width, line color, line dash type, arrow type, background color, transparent (alpha) level of shapes could be changed easily by using toolbar controls. ✔ UNDO/REDO: You can perform unlimited undo and redo of your actions when edit a comic page. ✔ SHADOW: All items could be set to have shadow. Shadow setting includes: blur level, alpha level, and color. ✔ LOCK ITEM POSITION: Press "⌘L" to lock position of items that you want to fix position, size. ✔ SNAP TO GRID Allow snapping item to grid for easy positioning. Plus you could also change grid size. ✔ ALIGN MULTIPLE ITEMS: Select many items then do right-click mouse to select alignment options as following: ★also allow to auto-align with another objects★ - Left - Right - Top - Bottom - Center (Horizontal or Vertical) - Horizontal center in View - Vertical center in View ✔ CHANGE DISPLAY ORDER: Select items then do right-click mouse to select change order settings: - Send to back - Bring to Front - Bring forward 1 level - Send backward 1 level ✔ EXPORT TO IMAGE FILE: Press "⌘E" to export current page to an image file with format of PDF, TIFF or PNG or JPEG. ✔ SUPPORT PRINT: Press "⌘P" to print current document.