PhotoVault 3 – Secret Photos

OS X 10.7.3
Your secret is PRICELESS. The Best and Most Private Photo app for you to protected your private photos. If you have photos that you’re not keen on letting everyone see, PhotoVault - Secret Photos Manager is the right app for you. With PhotoVault you’re able to protect your photos with a password, and all your imported photos are encrypted and moved to private database, no any other application can find and view them, no history too. PROTECT YOUR "SPECIAL" PHOTOS - Double security protection for your password and photos - Encrypted photo data - If you are under high security level, nobody could export your photos without password. - Quick screen lock POWERFUL PHOTO MANAGEMENT - Batch import photos/folders at lightning spend - Remove original photos after importing if you want. - Add photos to Favorites - Import photos into album directly - Order by name, date , type and size - Create Albums right in the App - Add photos to album - Batch export photos - Email photos - Support nearly all image formats FAST PHOTO VIEWING - Photo Gallery - In-App Photo Viewer - Rotate - Slideshow - Intuitive Interface