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PhotoVideoCollage Pro

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"PhotoVideoCollage brings the classic photo collage to the next level. Not only can users add photos but also videos, and mix the soundtracks with their favorite music." — CreativeBloq - http://bit.ly/CreativeBloqTop Create beautiful and engaging video collages with your memories and favorite music. Impress your friends and family with your awesome collages that contain not only photos but also video clips, and music! PhotoVideoCollage is not your classic photo collage, it's a video collage app that can add photos and music into the mix. Bits & pieces: • Create collages from your photos, videos, and music; • Choose from multiple layouts for your collage design (70+); • [New] 4K resolution for video & photo collages! • [New] 7 aspect ratios for all collage layouts (including 16:9, 16:10, 4:3); • Edit videos by choosing which segment of the video to play; • [New] Drag & drop photos & videos directly from the Photos app or from Finder; • Simply drag & drop to rearrange the photos & videos inside the layout; • Add Text to your collages, with customizable font, size, color and placement; • You can have no frame around the videos, or a frame of specified size and with curved edges; • Set a color or texture for your frame, from a collection of handpicked designs; • [New] Add your own custom texture to the collage; • Add background music and select the starting position for your song; • Mix the soundtracks like a DJ with individual volume controls for each video and for the selected song; • The option to play the videos from inside the video college simultaneously or sequentially; • Fade-in/out audio effect for the resulting video collage.