Physiology Animations

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*****Animations from Visible Body’s award-winning apps “Human Anatomy Atlas” and “Anatomy & Physiology”. *****Stunning videos vibrantly illustrate and animate the core physiological processes of the human body. *****Complex information is distilled into short animations, each accompanied by the voice-over text, allowing for information to be watched, read, and understood. *****Compatible with the latest version of OS X 10.7 / 10.8 / 10.9 There are 67 animations presenting a comprehensive overview of basic physiology. The animation packs include: -System Overviews -Bones and Skeletal Muscles -Respiration and Circulation -Cells and Tissues -Nutrition and Elimination The animations in this app were originally created for Visible Body’s “Anatomy & Physiology” app which has won the 2013 AMI Award of Excellence for Interactive and Instructional Media. The animations are also available in the free “Human Anatomy Atlas SP” app. “Physiology Animations” is designed for users with devices having inadequate memory and/or users seeking a solution that takes up less memory than Visible Body’s Atlas apps. About Visible Body Visible Body is a content and software development firm that produces award-winning anatomy and physiology learning products. Since 1996, we have partnered with the world’s top pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and educational publishing companies. The highly detailed, anatomically accurate, 3D models, illustrations and animations we create are developed by an extensively trained team with decades of experience in medical illustration and biomedical visualization. All anatomical and physiological content is reviewed for accuracy by our panel of experts, including physicians and anatomists. Contact Us Email us at Let us know what you like about Physiology Animations, tell us if the app isn’t performing as expected, or share ideas for making the app better.