Piano Star! – Learn To Read Music

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This piano app provides oodles of visual effects and even teaches a song for kids to learn. It can help beginners learn the letter names for notes on the bass and treble clef ("F" on bass through to "G" on treble). Our preschooler really likes the stars and sparkles! Key letters can be set to any of these options: 1) C D E F G A B 2) C D E F G A H 3) Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si For feedback or suggestions please contact us at http://visionsencoded.com/contact/. For beginner learners, also try "Notes! - Learn To Read Music." (Mac & iOS universal app). Also note that you can find this same app in the iOS app store too! TIP: try searching for "Visions Encoded" in the app store to find all of our apps.