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PicBackMan automates the backup of your precious photos & videos to your trusted online storage accounts like Flickr, SmugMug, Picasa, Skydrive, Dropbox, Box, Facebook, Drive and Photobucket. PicBackMan helps you to backup 10s or 1000s of photos & videos "effortlessly" and keeps your memories safe. -With PicBackMan, you can backup photos & videos to any of the top 9 photo & storage services - plus you can make redundant backups in one go. -PicBackMan is truly automatic - once you define the photo / video folders, it constantly monitors for new items & uploads those every minute or as defined by you. -PicBackMan packs a lot of intelligence to deliver a dead-easy automatic experience - handles timeouts, API limits, service restrictions, queuing and more. -If you are a photographer or a photography geek, you know how important RAW files are. PicBackMan supports RAW file backups and uploads to your online accounts. -PicBackMan tracks and gives you a birds eye view of the storage stats for all your connected accounts so you get a quick view of available space, time for upgrades and more. -PicBackMan always backs up and uploads your photos at FULL resolution and original size do you have your memories saved in the best possible way. Used in 130+ countries globally, PicBackMan users have backed up 60million+ memories so far.