PicLight Free – 55+ Amazing Lighting Effects to Enhance Photos

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* * * PicLight makes it easy and quick to transform ordinary photos into art. All for FREE! * * * PicLight Free is a handy and powerful photo enhancement app for creating artistic lighting effects on photos. PicLight Free provides four categories of lighting of Montage, Light, Glow and Texture altogether 55+ effect resources for creating gorgeous lighting on your photos. Together with other 25+ image filters and 18+ editing tools, PicLight Free is the perfect app for both hobbyists and photographers to bring out the best of their photos. ----------------------------------------------- HIGHLIGHTED FEATURES ----------------------------------------------- * 55+ Lighting Effects 170+ lighting effects including 40 Montage, 55 Light and 45 Glow for adding artistic lighting on your photos. 30 Texture effects will make your photos more unique with personalized touches. You can customize the lighting effect by four blending modes of Screen, Overlay, Color Dodge and Lighter; flipping the effect horizontally and vertically and setting its Alpha. PicLight Free also makes it easy to superimpose four categories of effects on a photo. * Cropping and 10+ Fine-Tuning Tools Customize your perfect photo by rotating it, horizontally and vertically flipping it. We offer powerful cropping tool with 7 preset ratios and you can customize your desired image sizes. Fine-tune the photo’s Saturation, Hue, Exposure, Contrast, Brightness, Highlights and Shadows with ease. * 25+ Image Filters 25+ image filters are available for straightforward photo enhancement such as Black & White, Sepia, Vintage, etc. * Convenient Export & Share Options PicLight Free allows you to save photo as image, send to iPhoto directly, set as wallpaper, send via E-Mail, share to Flickr and Facebook, etc. Download it right now to bring perfection to your photos! If there’s any question, feel free to contact us at support@pearlmountainsoft.com. ----------------------------------------------- PicLight Full Version ----------------------------------------------- If you need more stunning effects and resources, PicLight Full Version offers 170+ lighting effects to make your photos gorgeous. You are free to combine 40+ Montage, 55+ Light, 45+ Glow effects to make your photos look dreamy and surreal. 30+ Textures are provided to touch up and accent the photos. And more surprises are out there in PicLight Full Version!