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Find all those old .pict and .pct files from the days when you had Macintosh® computer from days gone past - and rescue them - convert them to standard jpeg format without loss of resolution, clarity or color. And if they had transparency, also save a copy as a standard png. pictRescue hunts down all the picts from wherever you tell it to start, and converts them to a standard jpeg format, creates or fixes the EXIF meta data, corrects the time stamps and the file systems date/times, AND provides an enhanced, unique, professional name. pictRescue’s unique algorithm examines each specific pict and compares it to all others, and skips the duplicates, allowing you to potentially eliminate tons of wasted space. pictRescue enhances the original name to include professional meta data to clearly and uniquely let you identify every single image - making it easier to sort and sift through all your images. The professional name for the newly converted image will be in the format: “original name”-”pixels wide”x”pixels high”-”date taken (YYYYMMDD)”-”time taken (hhmmss)”-”original filesize”-”Camera Manufacturer”-”Camera Model”-”original image type”.jpg” for example: EGYPT4-576x720-19981203-133241-2542811-UMK-UMD-PICT.jpg (In this case UMK = unknown maker and UMD = unknown model) pictRescue DOES NOT change or delete any original image, data, file or names - it places the newly created jpeg in the location you specify, and CANNOT and WILL NOT write over your existing picts.