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With Picture Tiler you can load any small Picture and make it suitable for printing in a Big size, even bigger than your printer, by dividing the picture into Tiles. Using 8 fully customisable filters, you can render any picture in a creative and unique way that makes it suitable for printing. Picture Tiler supports JPG, TIFF and PDF. Custom colors can be applied after selecting an effect. The main features are: - JPG, TIFF and PDF support - Scale pictures up to almost any size - Tile the images to dimensions your printer can handle - Apply creative filters: Circular Screen, Dot Screen, Etching, Halftone, Hexagon, Linescreen, Pointillism and Sketch - Create a Sepia or Duotone image with one click. - Create tiled images with overlap and cut marks - Automatically rotate tiles for better color matching on full width large format tiled prints - Flip, Crop and rotate - 1:1 Preview for details evaluation - Tile horizontally, vertically or both, with or without overlap. Create files for BIG prints faster! Would you like to see a feature added or have any questions? feel free to contact us at support@AppForce.One