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Yes, generating your movie from high resolution pictures and photos. This 8th version of v2.30 is capable of making 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) and even higher resolution movies! picture2movie is the most efficient tool for movie making with a batch of photos. It can easily link and compile hundreds of pictures rapidly into a high-quality movie with a few simple clicks. All you need is a folder of .jpg or .png files. picture2movie is ideal for quickly generating slide shows, photo book movies, time-lapse videos, security monitoring records, and even animated films. picture2movie is simple to use, your video's frame rate can be freely adjusted from 1.0 fps to 150.0 fps; The video's frame size is automatically using the properties of the first picture (the first frame of the movie) in the folder, sorted alphabetically. The quality of the movie can be easily set even higher than Ultra HD (3840 x 2160). No more repetitious dragging and dropping photos after each holiday! With picture2movie, you are just a few clicks away before your video is ready to be viewed, uploaded, Clouded and shared. Features (see below for the features of newer version) - Simply link and compile pictures in a folder into a video file; - Supports .jpg and .png image formats; - Custom frame rate setting - from 1 to 150 fps (6.6ms to 1s display time per picture); - Fast conversion speed and small video file size ( .mov format); - Control the quality of your video by adjusting the size of the first picture; - Partial support for the pictures using alpha channel; continue -> version history: v1.40 -> v1.51 - add progress indicator bar; - add option to mute the beep after each picture; - add "feature request menu" and alert; - add "more by deagonBTV" menu and panel; continue -> v1.51 -> v1.60 - add tips alert and show tip menu - new tips - add dock menu - more compact interface continue -> v1.60 -> v1.61 - fix interface zoom resize button issue - change tips' window size for user with lower display resolution - updated dragonBTV panel continue -> v1.61 -> v1.70 - minimum frame duration shorten to 2 ms according to user's feature request - tip button added - more detailed technical support email templet - more detailed feature request email templet - updated more by dragonBTV panel continue -> v1.70 -> v2.00 - Sandboxed OS 10.7 - OS 10.8 compatible version - rewrite all deprecated codes - color and size of interface updated - user notification added for OS 10.8 users - Sandbox compatible email technical support - Sandbox compatible feature request support - Sandbox compatible "more by dragonBTV" menu and panel continue -> v2.00 -> v2.12 - compiling interval changed from frames interval input to direct FPS slider setting, FPS range from 1 to 150 - a Stop button added. compiling can be interrupted by clicking the Stop button - "Finder style" sorting of picture files added, solving screen sequence disorder while using file names including numbers without leading zero continue -> v2.12 -> v2.30 feature added according to user's request: - handle of generating 4k movie (4k UHD 3840x2160) stably - fps can be input directly and accept decimal form - more compact interface and new flatten interface style - user can save generated movie to folders other than pictures' source folder - new warning alert added related to fps selection - name and path of newly generated movie will be sent to Notification Center then displayed - app's tip updated - more by dragonBTV updated