Pilates Classic DT

OS X 10.8
The Pilates Classic DT app presents the classic Pilates series of exercises in the classic sequential order. This classic order has been designed to loosen up your muscles first before exercising them. These exercises were designed to be performed anywhere and now that they are available on the Mac you can reference these exercises anytime. This app contains all of the movies so that you do not need Internet access to view the movies. This app has a Beginner's set and an Advanced set of the exercises. Each exercise has a video of Marian Tasker demonstrating the exercise along with his vocal instruction coaching you through the exercise as if you were taking his personal class in any of the many studios in which he teaches. There is also a separate text version of each exercise, with pictures, that explain how to perform each exercise. You can select to view each video individually, or you can select to view the videos in sequence starting from the first video you select to see. Beginning Exercises - 1. Warmup 2. The Hundred 3. The Roll Up 4. The Single Leg Circles 5. Rolling Like a Ball 6. The Single Leg Stretch 7. The Double Leg Stretch 8. The Spine Stretch Forward 9. Wall Sequence Advanced Exercises - 1. Warmup 2. The Hundred 3. The Roll Up 4. The Roll Over 5. The Single Leg Circles 6. Rolling Like a Ball 7. The Single Leg Stretch 8. The Double Leg Stretch 9. The Single Straight Leg Stretch 10. The Double Straight Leg Stretch 11. The Criss Cross 12. The Spine Stretch Forward 13. The Open Leg Rocker 14. The Corkscrew 15. The Saw 16. The Swan Dive 17. The Single Leg Kick 18. The Double Leg Kicks 19. The Neck Pull 20. The Shoulder Bridge 21. The Spine Twist 22. The Jackknife 23. The Sidekicks 24. Teaser 25. The Hip Circles 26. Swimming 27. The Leg Pull Down 28. The Leg Pull Up 29. The Kneeling Sidekicks 30. The Side Bend 31. The Boomerang 32. The Seal 33. The Push-up