Pinball Tristan

OS X 10.6
Looking for a casual game? Here you go! The most easy and enjoyable -- yet challenging -- pinball game for you. You can enjoy the game right away. Just press the big start button. This game will bring you hours of joy – or just a few minutes of fun, when you have a little spare time to fill. Click "…More" to learn why you should download this App today! Enjoy the worldwide best selling, award winning Pinball Tristan in retro 3D! You'll love the precise, authentic ball movement. Suitable for all ages to play for hours and hours. ★★★★★ Great game "Looks and sounds fantastic. No gimmicks, just a classic pinball sim. Love it." - Sketcm ★★★★★ Classic Pinball "Littlewing is known for their great pinball games on the Mac & PC. Tristan proves that, no matter what the system, they are among the best at what they do." - Mordragil ★★★★★ Great game "Finally, a really (really) great traditional pinball game - no fancy levels, etc., etc. Just hard core pinball - Also the most realistic of all…" - supercomputerguy The toy pinball cabinet makes your childhood dreams come true, and the old-style mechanical score drum will bring back memories of the joy and excitement you felt playing both arcade pinball machines and toy pinball. Thanks to OS X new function, you can enjoy playing Tristan in full screen mode, and even with a fully customized background screen! In addition to being the best casual game around, this app can be all about technique-- if you want it to be. Go ahead and experiment with the nudging function, the pass flip, reverse pass flip, return lane transfer, holding lift, dead flipper bounce, alley pass, slide and hit, live catch…do we need to go on?  You get the idea. There are tons of different plays you can use to rock the pinball. Check out the cool features you get in Pinball Tristan: * Best selling, award winning, most authentic pinball game * Suitable for all ages * Awesome 3D retro graphics * Realistic toy-pinball cabinet in 70s * Precise ball movements * Several play techniques to master * Support both window mode and full screen mode * Background screen can be fully customized * Guaranteed player satisfaction! Visit Let's Play Pinball section in LittleWing website for more information on pinball techniques. What are you waiting for? Right now, you are just about the only person on the planet who is not playing this game app! Download Pinball Tristan now and get in on the action.