PistonCalc: Multipurpose Engine Calculator with unit conversion

OS X 10.7
简单但功能强大的计算器,单位转换引擎。计算:发动机排量,活塞的速度。转换单位功耗和尺寸。 您可以输入数据以公制单位(毫米)或英制单位(英寸)分数英寸或十进制。转换毫米英寸太零碎。 *发动机排量计算器。 *的压缩比计算。 *转换的扭矩和功率计算或每分钟转速。 *转换的动力单元。 *计算活塞的平均速度。 *转换长度单位 *转换和计算速度的测量单位不同。 Simple but powerful engine calculator with unit conversion. Calculate: engine displacement, compression ratio, speed of the piston. Convert units of power, torque and size. You can enter data in metric units (mm) or imperial units (inch) in fractional inches or decimal. Convert from millimeters to fractions of inch too. * Engine displacement calculator. * Calculate of the compression ratio. * Converting of torque and calculate power or RPM. * Converting of units of power. * Converts and calculates the speed in different units. * Calculate the average speed of the piston. * Converting units of length. More information: http://q-s.pl/pistoncalc/ Questions or ideas for improvements and expansion of the program? Write: http://q-s.pl/pistoncalc/contact/