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Pitch Note Reading

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MusAPPtm "Note Reading" - will help you learn to read and perform pitch and rhythm notation. You must sing/play and match each pitch in rhythm to progress to the next target pitch. MusAPPtm provides real time audio-visual biofeedback for singers and instrumentalists from microphone input. Push the pitch pointer into the target by moving your voice or playing correct fingering on your instrument. Features: 1. Traditional Western music notation. 2. Target note pointer. 3. Real time pitch pointer. 4. Measures pitch accuracy, attack time, and release time. You must quickly find the pitch and stay on the pitch for the note duration to pass an exercise. 5. Works best for VOICE with a chat headset. 6. Works best for INSTRUMENTS with a clip-on microphone and head phones. 7. Song libraries will be available soon. 8. Can create musicXML files in some music notation editing programs and save them in the MusAPPtm Library for your use. Troubleshooting: 1. Test your microphone and audio and set levels in your audio control panel. It they work there, they will work in MusAPP. 2. Can be used with a built-in microphone and speakers on a laptop if you carefully set the microphone and sound levels to avoid feedback. 3. Contact us at www.musapp.com/contact.html for help.