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2017/03/01 PixelScheduler is going to be FREE Thanks 20,000DL. -------- Pixelscheduler: the tiny simple screen calendar bar See your calendar events quickly and easily at a glance, without opening the calendar application. Pixel scheduler places a bar on your screen, with your events displayed as ‘blocks’. Just look to the bar to see your events, and hover for details. A simple, beautiful and intuitive UI to help you with your day. Function Introduction: iCal calendar integration - see your events as ‘blocks’ on a bar on the the side or bottom of your screen. Synchronise the event color with your calendar color. Change the size of the bar to small, medium and large. Move the bar to left edge, right or bottom of the screen easily. Mouse over a block to see an event in the pop up menu. --------------------------------------------------------------------- special thanks traduction by Garrett ---------------------------------------------------------------------