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PixelShop is a simple and powerful, layer-based image and photo editing software. Featured tools and an elegant interface built for OS X. Selections: You can quickly and easily select any part of your images, using selection tools. Add, intersect, subtract or invert it. Select and remove unwanted elements of your photos. Blur Tool: PixelShop makes it quick and easy to redact parts of an image. Hide sensitive details of an image by simply clicking and dragging. Layers: Use layers to easy placing text and other objects without destroying the original picture. Filters: Use non-destructive filters to apply special effects to the layer. You can even save, modify and disable your filters any time without modification of picture. There are list of the most popular filters including Drop and Inner Shadow, Gaussian Blur. Gradients: The Gradient tool, new for 3.0, has been cited as an innovative improvement over similar tools provided by other software. Vector Tools: Make rectangles, circles, lines and text, and keep the flexibility to change things later on. Performance: PixelShop uses all power of modern CPU and GPU to real-time image processing. Created exclusively for OS X: PixelShop uses a lot of technologies like Cocoa, OpenGL, Core Image, Full-Screen, Retina display and much more.