Plainboard – Pasteboard plain text formatter

OS X 10.10
Ever try to copy text from a webpage into an email, only to find that all the fonts and colors are all wrong? Yeah, we have the same problem. That's why we created Plainboard. Plainboard will automatically format copied text as plain text. It is an extremely lightweight application that runs in your status bar. Every time you copy formatted text, Plainboard will go to work and reformat it to remove any fonts, background colors, text colors, etc. Still want to copy formatted text occasionally? No problem. Just hold down the "Function" key (or you can setup custom keys) to copy original, formatted text. You can turn off "Always On" feature, which will reverse the functionality. You will then be required to hold down "Function" to copy plain text. PRIVACY We take your privacy VERY seriously. Plainboard NEVER saves or stores ANY copied information. In fact, it never looks at the content of your copied text, only at the formatting. It does NOT access the internet in any way, and all copied information is sent back to the clipboard where it originally came from. Plainboard will require access to "Accessibility" features ONLY to monitor when your press any modifier keys like Command, Control, Option, Shift or Function. It absolutely does NOT monitor any other keyboard inputs.