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With PlasticityPhotos you squeeze, smear, wrap, twist, pinch, distort, expand, liquify your photos anyway you like, no limits! The power of PlasticityPhotos is in its virtual brush technology, that lets you distort and warp at the same speed pictures of any size. PlasticityPhotos has many uses : • For Plastic surgery . simulate liposuction . tummy tuck . nose changes . chin reduction/augmentation etc.. • For Photographers . correct a smile . perform change in appearance PlasticityPhotos lets you snap several stage of distortions, so you can go back or compare very fast different warping. It is very handy and not found anywhere else (even Photoshop) This is a live picture, unlike other warping tool there is no limits on the image size you manipulate and the warping speed is interactive, but remain precise, perfect for the most demanding photographers. This is why iPlasticity is preferred over Photoshop liquify. PlasticityPhotos features a measurement tool for professional in the medical fields. Ability to print side by side Before/After