Platforms Unlimited

OS X 10.6
Platforms Unlimited is a procedural, minimalistic, zen, madly hard one-button endless platformer! An arcade game like in the old times when simplicity, fun and challenge ruled. Free to celebrate the holidays and the release of Pixel Boat Rush! --- Comments by the Press---- - (4/5) Cult of Mac “What [Platforms Unlimited] is … is addictive.” - (4/5) Touch Arcade “An endless supply of constantly evolving environments, coupled with finely tuned jumping, will keep you coming back for a long time” - “This challenging arcade platformer pulled us into its spell ...” - Covered at the 148Apps Live Show - (4.5/5) 148Apps “Platforms Unlimited takes the formula of The Impossible Game and similar titles: geometric shapes thrust into platforming environments filled with adversity. This game’s twist? Procedurally-generated levels. This immense variety serves as the core of an incredibly well-made game.” - (4/5) Appguiden - (4/5) Pocket Gamer “Deft controls and smart random level generation lead to one of the freshest endless-runners in some time” -------- The Rules: - Minimalistic: Press any key to jump, press longer to jump farther. - Avoid red enemies. - The score increases by 1 every second. - Collect coins for a bonus of 4 score points. Also used for rewards. - Collect power-ups for gameplay bonuses. The Challenge: - The difficulty lies in the required jumping precision and the analysis of procedural levels to find a way through. - The sound effects on landing, which are characterized by the level, help with timing. Main Features: - Procedural endless levels: every game feels different. - Dailies: beat 3 new 'fixed' levels every day. - Missions system: complete up to 3 missions in a game for coins rewards. - Power-ups and trails upgrades: use your rewards to unlock and upgrade power-ups or to change the look of your trail. - Game Center leaderboard and achievements