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The double deck audio file player for Mac ! ‘Decks’ has advanced features like ‘Auto Pause’, ‘Auto Cue Search’, ‘Skip End’ and ‘Auto Fade Out’, all of these might be essential to playbacking on live stage acts. User can also assign keyboard shortcuts to playback control functions of decks. ‘TrackList Document’ - the native document type of PlayBacker series can save sequence of an act, which are cue list of each deck, then user can restore the sequence rapidly anytime needed. In addition, the ‘SamplePad’ - 2 bank / each max 8 pad sampler is available to add on through In-App Purchase ! will making to playback operations more flexible ! PlayBacker series will perfectly supports user’s audio playback works from preparation to production ! If you want more advanced features like ‘4 number of decks’, ‘routing multi audio’, ‘playback control by MIDI’, please consider to ‘SamplePad’ standard equipped full version : PlayBacker. # Main Features - Auto Pause - Auto Cue Search - Skip End - Start Cue / End Cue customizable - Keyboard Shortcuts customizable # Deck Specs - Volume Fader for each deck - Repeat ( 1 / All ) - Auto Fade Out - Waveform Display ( cueing enabled ) - Cue List display Mode - Time Counter display Mode # In-App Purchase products ( ver.2.5 ~ ) - SamplePad Add-On - SamplePad : +8 pads