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PlayPro for TED is one of the easiest ways to watch TED Talks on Mac. It provides you a clean interface to watch TED Talks with a peace of mind. Search from hundreds of topics easily and play your favorite TED Talk right away. KEY FEATURES: - Responsive App layout to resize app window at any shape. - Easy to launch and watch TED Talks. - Sign in with your TED Account and save watch history or create playlist. - Set up keyboard hot key to open app faster. - Watch TED Talks from Status Menu Bar. - Open multiple windows and browse more. - Search for your favorite TED Talks and watch right away. - Comment on videos and interact with others. - Download TED Talk videos inside the app. There is no need to go to a web browser. - Open App at log in. - Keep app window on Desktop with low opacity. and more… PayPro for TED is going to be your favorite go-to app whenever you have some time to kill. Amaze yourself with beautiful and jaw-dropping talks and grow as a person. Get the most out of TED Talks by using PayPro for TED Talks today.