PMouse – Highlight important focus areas

OS X 10.11
PMouse, highlight important focus areas to your audience. Simply add a spotlight effect, or mouse click effect, keystrokes feedback, and even draw on your screen during your presentation, screencast... # KEY FEATURES ## Mouse Pointer • Spotlight, Disk, Ring. • Set the size, blur, thickness, opacity, color. ## Mouse Click • Size of your click. • Magnification effect for click up. • Different colors for primary and secondary click. • Opacity. • Click sound effect. ## Keyboard • Get a instant feedback on the keystrokes. • Define the display location on your screen, among 6 positions. • Define background color, font size… • Choose the type of the keystrokes to be displayed. ## Draw • Draw directly on your screen. • Draw Oval, Rectangle, Freehand, Arrow). • Choose color, point size… • Opacity, Shadow. ## More • Hide your Desktop Icons. • Global Keyboard shortcut for any modules. • Support Multi Display configuration. • Work in FullScreen/SplitView. • Access from the Dock or menu bar. • And More.