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“It’s like Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Castlevania, Sly Cooper, Megaman, & Sonic The Hedgehog packed into one awesome game that can fit in your pocket!” –Jack S., Seattle, WA Pocket Adventures takes the “PLAY, CREATE, &, SHARE” concept to the next level by giving players the tools and power to create immersive action-platform styled levels! NEW LEVELS EVERY DAY Players like you from around the world are making fun and challenging levels for you to play, every single day. Do you think you can beat them all? IMMERSIVE THEMES Bored playing with the Temple theme? Want to play in Space? Or as a Super Hero? No problem! We’ve provided 3 action-packed themes to keep the fun going on and on! You can switch the theme whenever you want! DYNAMIC, ONLINE COMMUNITY Is a level too easy or too hard? Let the creator know! Get involved with the creators and communicate with them to build up a community of great levels. GET SOCIAL Did you just create an amazing level? Share it with all of your friends and family on Facebook, via email, or challenge the community! Show them your masterpiece and challenge them to a fun experience! EARN PRIZES & REWARDS Get rewarded by playing, creating, and sharing levels! Use these rewards to unlock new levels and in-game content. SIRQUL INTEGRATION Integrated with the newest and hottest social, location, mobile platform of 2013, Pocket Adventures creates a mind-blowing experience for all ages. Good luck. We’ll see you on the leaderboards! Learn more about Pocket Adventures and other FREE games at http://sirqul.com/pocketadventures CONTACT: pocketadventures@sirqul.com WEBSITE: http://www.sirqul.com FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/sirqul TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/sirqul About Sirqul, Inc. Pocket Adventures is powered by Sirqul.com, a Seattle-based startup that has created a ubiquitous social platform enabling consumers and brands to create their own distributed, Social-Location-Mobile solutions as a means of driving awareness and engagement through viral adoption. Pocket Adventures is one of many applications that Sirqul will release this year leveraging the Sirqul platform.