Podcast Soundboard

OS X 10.9.0
A simple and pretty soundboard application for podcasters. The easiest way to get started is to drag and drop a file onto the soundboard and start smacking your keyboard. Supports any audio file format that can be played in Google Chrome. Features: - Duck controls - Import/export soundboard configuration in JSON format - Use multiple soundboards at once - Trigger sounds by keyboard or mouse - Flexible, responsive user interface - Volume controls at global, soundboard, and individual sound level - Loop and multi-fire functionality - Set the start/end time of tracks To integrate this app into your existing recording workflow, I recommend any one of the following MacOS audio-routing applications: - Soundflower (free, open source) - Loopback Audio (by Rogue Amoeba) - Audio Hijack (by Rogue Amoeba) Note: - Sound files are copied into the Soundboard application; you can delete the original files after importing them.