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PortsMonitor is a system utility for monitoring system TCP/IP network connections by application, and connections' status. With Search Expression support, you can filter connection with preferred conditions. Features - Monitor all system connections and open ports - Filter connections by Search Expression - For Search Expression grammar please visit http://tickplant.com/portsmonitor/ - Filter Profile support - Use color indicate item status, Green for new connection, Yellow for state changed, Red for removed connection - Growl notifications for new connection - View remote IP information with map (Powered by geoiptool.com) - Whitelist for Growl notifications - Auto refresh connections and ports - Show port name, for example http for 80 - Reveal application in finder - Filter connections by connection type, IPv4 or IPv6 - Filter connections by protocol type, TCP or UDP - Hide connections does not have a remote address - Filter connections by keywords Any questions or suggestions please don't hesitate to send an email to tickplant+support@gmail.com, your advice is important to us :)