Poster Materials Collection

OS X 10.8
Cool poster. Courage to express themselves. Posters are extremely common people poster form, used for film, theater, games, theatrical performances and other activities. Posters usually write clearly the nature of the activities, the activities of the organizers, time, location and so on. Posters concise language requirements, to achieve new aesthetic form. The range is not only theater dedicated occupational sticker, the report goes to the masses or the introduction of bills related to theater, movies, sports events, theatrical performances, lectures and other news, and some also to art and design. Like the ad because it has introduced to the masses characteristic of an object, event, so the poster is an advertisement. But the poster has a show or venue, wide street with characteristic post, to be art of poster design, but also a cinema, theater, sports posters. Poster, also known as "poster" or "poster." It belongs to outdoor advertising. Distributed in the streets, theaters, exhibitions, commercial downtown area, railway stations, docks, parks and other public places. Abroad also known as "instant" of street art. Compared to other advertising poster with a big screen, wide-ranging and rich artistic expression, the effect of the strong features of hyperopia. Posters wishing to participate in the community, it is an advertisement. Some poster art to be designed to attract more people to join the activities. Posters may be published in the media, broadcasting, but most are easy to see people posting in place. Its advertising is extremely strong sexual overtones. · Advertising poster: You can spread to the society, mainly to improve the business or personal reputation. · Modern Society Posters: the more common social phenomenon, as large numbers of people accepted to provide important information of modern life. · Enterprise poster: recognized for the corporate sector, he could use some thought control staff, provoke thinking. Culture posters: the so-called culture is essential in today's society, no matter how remote corner, how silent trees, there is a cultural star poster.