PostgreSQL Master

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PostgreSQL administration tool. Manage your PostgreSQL databases with ease like a master. It is extremely useful when you want to manage multiple databases or you want to have multiple connections to a single database. Each database connection is running in a separate tab. Even better, it remembers the connection URIs so you can connect to your databases by simply one click. The app provides modern graphical interface. It includes a syntax highlighting SQL editor. You can also download tables and query results as CSV/JSON/XML. Features - Multiple database connections, each in a separate tab - Create and manage connection URIs, next time one click to connect - Connect to local or remote databases - Browse tables and table rows - Get table details: structure, size, indexes, row count, constraints...etc - Execute and analyze custom SQL queries - Table and query data export to CSV/JSON/XML - Query history - Modern and beautiful UI - Pagination and simple column filtering - Support multiple schemas