Posture Coach – improve lower back, shoulder, neck pain and headache

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*** New launch price for a short time only *** Do you have neck or back pain? Chances are your posture is the reason why you're suffering from that kind of pain! We were (literally) sick and tired of poor posture in people and decided to do something against it! Posture Coach reminds you when it's time to take a break and do some exercises to improve your posture and your health. Poor posture can be the reason for neck, shoulder, back and even hips or lower back pain, mainly because your body is staying a certain state for multiple hours when you're sitting. Posture Coach gets you moving in the right places! Countless studies have shown that a great posture not only helps with your self-confidence and radiance, but it can also help you to be more healthy at work. We built Posture Coach for exactly that reason. Posture Coach includes the following features: - Over 20 different exercises for every body part - Do it at your own speed at the office - Set your own reminder for breaks, depending on your schedule *** needs some equipment to do all the exercises, please check our support link for details *** By downloading this app you agree to have read, understand and agreed to - the medical disclaimer: LINK - the Terms of Service: - the privacy policy: