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It takes just one click to access everything on your Mac Power Widget is a free digital assistant for your Mac that lets you access anything and everything on your Mac in a click. It is all set to give you a delightful experience of having a great assistant while working on your Mac. Highlights: - 1. Web Search - Performs a search and lets you visit a website straight from here. 2. Popular Apps - It provides a window where you can see all popular Mac & iOS apps in the Market. It recommends apps which are in high demand due to their functionality and uses. 3. File & Folder – Lets you access frequently used files and folders straight from here. 4. File Extensions – Having trouble in opening a file? You can check out details of an unknown file extension from here on the web. This will help you open your file easily. 5. Memory Status - Shows real time usage of Disk space and Memory. 6. Clipboard – Lost an important text/number you copied? Don’t worry! Power Widget has tracked your important items you recently copied. Power Widget can be dragged and pinned anywhere on your Mac so that you can carry on with other important things with ease. It lets you pin all your frequently used files, folders and apps right on your Mac desktop.