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Delete junk files, Find large files, Remove duplicates and unnecessary files from your Mac. Mac PowerSuite is an omnipotent optimizer for your Mac, it has three modules: Clean Up, Find Duplicate Files and Eraser. This app helps to keep your computer clean by removing garbage files, duplicates and unwanted files, meanwhile, your valuable disk space will be recovered after deleting the unimportant junk cluttering up your hard disk. MAIN FEATURES: • Intuitive interface and easy to use, support Drag-n-Drop; • Identifies 14+ types of junk files such as Application caches, trashes, cookies, iServices data etc. • Come in with build in preview for duplicates; • Scan and find duplicate files likes photos in Photos Library, documents etc. • Erase personal information for good in a secure way. Please shoot us an email (support@fireebok.com) if you have any idea or question about product.