Practys–Healthcare Management

OS X 10.9.0
Practys healthcare management app. Make clinic visiting a hassle-free experience. Connect easily to your clinics and manage all your medical needs from the palm of your hand! ONLINE APPOINTMENT BOOKING Still calling your clinics and arranging for appointments? With Practys, you can view available timeslots of your clinics and simply book them online, or re-schedule to other available timeslots anytime, anywhere. Appointment reminders make sure that you never miss another appointments. IN-BUILT MESSAGING FUNCTION Always stay connected to your clinics with our in-app messaging function. Make enquiries or even send photos for clarification with the clinics. MEDICAL HISTORY View all your appointment histories, check doctor notes and special instructions for you. E-INVOICES All invoices after appointments will be pushed automatically to your account, view all your billing history online, no more physical invoices required. MULTIPLE CLINICS CONNECTION You can connect your account with multiple clinics, manage all your medical needs in one single application! All data stored in secured cloud servers, never lose your record and access them from anywhere anytime! FOR DOCTORS View all your upcoming appointments, communicate with clinics and view all your patient data within the app! If you have any suggestions or feedback, please do email us at: