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Brand new menu bar application for taking screenshots. A complete suite of tools for capturing whole screen, or just elements that you can choose simply by selecting a window or making a selection of an area to capture with your mouse. There are a lots of options to share an image you’ve just captured - mail, airdrop or one of your favourite programs like Evernote to name just a few. And if you don’t need all these tools - don’t worry there is also a compact version where you can just take a screenshots and focus on your work. Main features: capturing whole screen capture a selected window capture a selected area timed screenshot (take a screenshot in 3, 5 or 10 seconds) sharing options… With Print Screen Pro you can share your screenshot to: Mail Messages AirDrop Facebook Twitter Flickr Photos Evernote Sina Weibo Tencent Weibo Youku Tudou All of these available from the top of your screen from your menubar. ********************************************* If you have any suggestions how to improve this app please contact us using this mail address: If you like it please rate it on App Store, thanks!!