Print To Scale

OS X 10.11
Print any image to scale on a regular printer by tiling it across multiple sheets of paper. • Open any bitmap image from disk or clipboard. • Setup scale by dragging an arrow and enterering its desired size on print out • Print, scissor and glue your layout. With Print To Scale you can: • Visualize page mosiac before printing with respect to all overlaps, non-printable areas, page orientation and cut lines. • Adjust your print out with many layout options. • Calibrate your printer scale for accurate print out. • Overlay an alignment grid for accurate gluing. • Lighten solid color areas to save ink. • Print only selected pages for non-rectangular shapes. • Use part of the image without cropping it in external editor. Print To Scale is useful for: • Woodworking templates • Sewing patterns • Poster or sign printing • Modelling • Construction • …and many more!