Privacy Suite Pro

OS X 10.11
Privacy Suite Pro hides the Photos and Videos and Password Protects them.This increases the privacy and security of Photos and Videos.Once added, the photos and videos are made hidden from the computer and nobody else could view them.These could be only viewed inside the application when a suitable password is entered. It also has inbuilt previewer for Photos and Videos to protect the privacy. The app also supports the "slideshow" of pictures.When the Photos and videos are added to the app, it adds them along with their thumbnails. Below are the features of the app : ** Password protection - Nobody could access the private photos and videos without entering password. ** Add Photos with Thumbnails ** Add Videos with Thumbnails ** Inbuilt previewer for photos ** Inbuilt player for videos ** Slideshow support for photos ** Import entire folder to the application in a single click. ** Import Multiple photos/videos at once into the app and make them secure. ** Create folders inside the app to organise the photos and videos appropriately. ** If required, the photos and videos could be exported back to specified folders on computer for reuse. *** Note : a) The app requires Mac OS version 10.11.6 or later. b) In case of any issue please reach out to us on