Pro Flight Simulator New York Premium Edition

OS X 10.6.6
Become a pro pilot in this amazing flight simulator! Pro Flight Simulator NY is the best simulation experience there is for Mac. Fly the best 3D aircraft in a highly detailed scenario, covering more then 45,000 miles (65,000 kilometers) of New York, including Central Park, New Jersey and more. Configure the weather and atmospheric conditions. Add turbulence, wind and a big range of parameters to increase your flying experience (including day and night). Main Features: - 13 aircraft. Free and by purchase, but you can also earn aircraft inviting your friends to the game. - More then +250 missions (airline board) to attend. - All airports, highly detailed with runways, taxiway and buildings. - Highly detailed New York builds and places. - Highly detailed The Statue of Liberty. - Time and weather/atmospheric conditions to fly. - Autopilot, functional cockpits, real time informations about the flight. - Exclusive missions for each aircraft, varying according to the aircraft reachability. - Easy to use interface to control all the lift superficies of the aircraft. The physics was developed mainly to run on Mac so, this flight simulator has an amazing performance and awesome graphics. We hope you enjoy our Pro Flight Simulator NY! Please, give us your feedback at