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Now that you've got the Studio One basics down, it's time to start thinking about some production techniques. In this course, you learn the basic tools and tips to get you tracking your tunes like a pro. Before you start any production you've got to get set up and organized. That's exactly where this course begins. In the first section, you learn about hooking up your audio IO, arming and recording multiple tracks and organizing your session by creating busses, groups and deploying Studio One's folders. This is followed by a section devoted to Studio One's cool mixer. This is where you get a tour of all its key features and learn all about the events and send effects. Next up is an overview of the plugins, freezing and tuning tracks and some advanced tuning and editing techniques. Finally, it's time to bounce and share your tracks. This where you get some more tips and tricks to help you finish your production and post it to the virtual universe! Table of contents: 1. Checking Your Audio Setup 2. Working with Multiple Audio Tracks 3. Using Folders 4. Using Groups for Mixing 5. Sub-mixing Using Busses 6. Setting Up a Headphone Mix 7. The Mixing Console 8. Insert and Events FX 9. Setting Up Send FX 10. Building Up Effects Chains 11. Re-indexing Presets 12. The Plugins and their Categorization 13. Freezing Tracks with Track Transform 14. Using Melodyne with Studio One 15. The Audio Editor - Pt 01 16. The Audio Editor - Pt 02 17. Multi-track Editing with Audio Bend 18. Using Strip Silence 19. Speeding Up your Workflow 20. Publishing Your Songs to SoundCloud 21. Using Nimbit to Upload your Songs 22. Conclusion