Professional Templates & Backgrounds for Microsoft PowerPoint

OS X 10.6.6
Note to Users: These are PowerPoint Templates. Check out the Video: You need Powerpoint to Open & Edit them. This App is not a presentation software editor. It's 100 High-Quality PowerPoint Templates. ---- How to Use --- 1. Download the App... 2. Pick a Template... 3. Save it to your Desktop 4. Open it in PowerPoint. --- Don't write bad reviews because you cant figure out how to use them, just email us we are here to help --- Each template is professionally designed by our in-house PowerPoint experts just like our Business Card Templates and Logo Templates. Enjoy 95 of these hand crafted templates that are guaranteed to work in all versions of PowerPoint for Mac! Powerpoint Templates are provided in .PPTX format so you never overwrite them and they act as templates. Included is a full featured browser for viewing every PowerPoint template in a professional manner. ##### UNIQUE FEATURES ##### What make PowerPoint Templates & Backgrounds for Presentation Software Unique? ◉ Pre-Designed PowerPoint Templates by Professional Graphic Artists ◉ 95 Pre-Designed Templates---> Cant ask for more PowerPoint Presentations that this! ◉ Since they are designed In-House, you know they are safe to use anywhere without copyright worries! ##### BROWSER FEATURES ##### ◉ FULL FEATURED BROWSER ◉ INSTANTLY OPEN WITH DOUBLE-CLICK! ◉ ALWAYS HAVE YOUR POWERPOINT TEMPLATES IN A KNOWN LOCATION, IN THE APP! ◉ FULL SCREEN SLIDESHOW VIEW AND FULL SCREEN THUMBNAIL VIEW!