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Project Planner is a project and task planning application that makes it easy to keep track of multiple projects and tasks. Project Planner is the mac version of popular iOS applications Project Planner 2 and Project Planner 2 HD. Project Planner allows you manage your projects. In every project you can add many tasks grouped in phases and finished by milestone. You can view your project on Gantt chart in hours, days, weeks or months scale. Major features: - viewing your tasks as a list and Gantt Chart - editing task directly from Gantt Chart - creating dependencies between tasks - updating progress of task to keep track - adding resources and costs to tasks, with additional Resources and Task Usage charts. - importing and exporting projects in .ppf format (supported by Project Planner 2, Project Planner 2 HD and Project Planner Viewer). - exporting reports in PDF format (readable in Adobe Reader, OSX Preview and all full pdf compatible readers)