ProofBURNER For Aperture

OS X 10.8
ProofBURNER is a supplemental utility that extends Aperture's own export facility making it easy to retain painstakingly crafted project/folder/album hierarchies when exporting. The photo shoot is over. You've successfully and meticulously sorted, rejected, and ranked all your images. More importantly you have organized everything nicely into projects, folders and albums. Now you are ready to send it off to your client, friends and family. *** But there is a hitch! *** You wish to export your project with a large hierarchy of folders and albums. Perhaps you even want to burn it to a CD or DVD. As I'm sure you know, Aperture's File | Export | Versions dialog can export all the pictures in a project but does not recreate the album and folder structure within the project as it writes the photos to the file system. Nor does it inform you if what you've just export will even fit on that CD-R. You could recreate the hierarchy folders by hand in Finder and then copy the pictures into them. OR you could let ProofBURNER automate this for you and save you tons of valuable time. ProofBURNER is not a complicated plug-in that needs to be installed in Aperture. When you are ready to "Burn To Disk" simply launch ProofBURNER. It will communicate with Aperture directly to get the job done. Features: √ Your Projects, Folders, and Albums are neatly arranged making them easy to select. √ Ability to select multiple projects/albums/folders to be exported. Even smart albums are supported. √ Supports all of your existing Aperture Export and Naming Profiles. √ Know just how many DVDs or CDs will be needed if you "Burn To Disk" Other Uses: √ Use ProofBURNER to export originals and create an externally referenced folder for Aperture. If you are looking to migrate away from Aperture to Adobe Lightroom you should check out Exporter For Aperture which was designed specifically for that purpose. ProofBURNER For Aperture REQUIRES APERTURE 3.0 OR GREATER.