Property Flip or Hold

OS X 10.12
Property Flip or Hold helps Real Estate Investors to quickly compare return on Real Estate Investment to Flip and take profit now or Hold and Rent property for passive income. Property Flip or Hold for Real Estate Investments automatically Analyzes Flip vs Rent Break-Event Profit Timeline. Progress Bar visually charts Break-Even Profit Timeline over 30 years. Calculates your Maximum Purchase Price, Profit at closing when you purchase, Equity, Cash on Cash Return, Calculate scaling profit on your Flip for up to 12 months. Calculate Hold and Rent Cashflow up to 30 years. Compare Flip or Hold to how many years it might take to match Profits. Property Flip or Hold automatically calculates profit scenario by entering property information like After Repair Value, Repairs, Holding Cost, Taxes, Insurance, Mortgage information for purchasing for Flip, Rent details, Mortgage information for Holding and Renting for passive income. Maximum Purchase Price or Maximum Allowable Offer is automatically calculated by entering desired Profit Percent, Soft Cost Percent and Repairs. This gives a guideline for a Maximum Offer to purchase property for profit needed depending on Repairs. Monthly Rent Cashflow details Gross Rent, Principal and Interest, Taxes, Insurance, Property Management, Vacancy and Home Owners Association fees. Cash on Cash Return (Hold) is calculated based on your Rent Annual Cashflow and Total Investment. USES - Investors for personal use or others - Real Estate Agents - Wholesale Investors - Flip Property - Rent Property MAIN FEATURES - Multiple Portfolio's or Companies - Calculates Maximum Purchase Price based on Profit needed, Soft Cost and Repairs - Flip Analysis detailing the first 12 months - Rent Analysis up to 30 years - Rent Analysis shows cumulative Cashflow summary to compare with Flip's Profit - Calculates Mortgage Payment - Cash on Cash Return - Print individual property Flip or Hold details - Save to PDF