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Proxima ODE is a differential equation solver that utilizes advanced numerical solvers to give accurate approximations to actual solutions. Ordinary differential equations (ODE) and systems of ODE's can be calculated easily without hassle. All of the numerical solvers can calculate both ODE's and Systems of any order thanks to advanced algorithms that allow for the change of order on the fly. Taking advantage of the solving power is simplified thanks to a user friendly interface. No former knowledge of programing or scripting languages is needed. Inputing equations uses a simple and easy to learn syntax. Save data in the form of a picture of the calculated plots, or a .CSV file to read the raw data and use elsewhere. Customize the appearance and formatting of generated data. Instantly find values of specific points right inside the app. Calculate multiple equations at once and compare the results. Check the accuracy of the results by plotting exact equations; great for testing exact equations found by hand. Real world uses: • Predator prey models • Multiple tank mixtures • Radioactive decay models • Population growth and decay • Newton’s law of cooling/warming • LR/RLC series circuits • Motion of a spring or system of springs • Educational practices • And many more! Features: • Solves ODE’s of any order • Solves Systems of up to five equations of any order • includes four numerical solvers: • Euler’s Method • 2nd Order Runge-Kutta • 4th Order Runge-Kutta • 6th Order Runge-Kutta • x/y plot, phase portrait, and 3d phase portrait views • Plot exact equations • Various mathematical functions and operations • Export table of value as CSV file • Find value of points easily