PT Business Pal

OS X 10.12
Personal Trainers and Coaches - grow and improve your business with help and guidance from our branding analysis App - PT Business Pal! Creating a niche within the Fitness Industry is Crucial! And whether you are just getting started, or been going for years - having an in-depth understanding of who you are as a Trainer, what your business stands for, who you are trying to target and how you can help solve the problems of your current and prospective Clients is crucial to maintaining and growing a successful business in the Fitness Industry! We have generated millions in Personal Training revenue, and Client and Membership Sales and with this app we are bringing our branding expertise to you! We work with some of London's top Fitness brands and Trainers, and have identified 4 key areas when it comes to establishing your fitness identity : Your Training Ethos, Your Training Approach, Your Target Client Category and Your Target Client Goals, and now we can test them for you within an App - its the service that we deliver to our offline Clients...just not billed at £350 a day!! The App works with mouse responsive sliders : you simply move the gauge left or right to lean one way or the other between the two options! After completing the Analysis Exercises on the App, our branding specialist which create your Brand Analysis Profile and Client Avatar for you. This is then hosted within your own personal area of the App which you reach by logging in with your chosen username (which you enter alongside your email address in the first branding exercise in the App). The profile is not created via computer algorithm but by a human branding specialist, and so please allow up to 48 hours for your analysis and profile to be complete and follow the instructions within the App carefully. Go from being Self Employed to Running a successful Business today!