Pumpkin Story

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Get in the Halloween Spirit with Pumpkin Story! Plot: Night of the 31st of October, Jack was going to find its shelter; He did it every year during the night of the 31st of October but this time a monster called Gozoma came out suddenly. It was red, big and very hungry. It had thick teeth and it was forward to eat the Big Pumpkin with Halloween Spirit. Unfortunately it kidnaps the pumpkin! Help Jack to rescue it to save the Spirit of Halloween. ************************************************************************ Features: - Cool Graphic Effects. - Realistic Physics. - 54 Different Levels. - 3 Different Dark Worlds. - User Friendly controls. - Epic Boss Fight. - A Lot Of 3D Prerender Animations. - Nice Halloween Atmosphere. - Cool Audio Effects And Halloween Music - Amazing Dark Adventure With Challenging Puzzles. "Great Halloween Game Adventure That You've Ever Seen" ************************************************************************ Follow Us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/pinkio75 Check Our Website: www.pinkio.altervista.org